"Power now resides in the infrastructures of this world."
     - The Invisible Committee

A study of place and space in built and natural environments. Video surveys the 800-mile length of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and travels alongside the conduit as it bobs above and underground from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields to its terminus at Valdez. The extreme linearity and continuity of the pipeline acts as a pivot point to reorganize the landscape and offers new and idiosyncratic ways to visually reconsider topography.

Premiere: 2015 MoMA

Made with support from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts

ASAP Journal:
Earth-Specific Art by James J. Hodge


Places: Design Observer

Video - 4K or 2K / 62 minutes / color / stereo

Loop - 4K / 60 minutes / color / stereo
Photo - chromogenic color print sequences

Distributed by Torch Films