At over 800 miles in length, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System is one of the world's largest oil lines. Since its completion in 1977, TAPS has helped transfer almost 16 billion barrels of oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, Alaska. Topophilia follows the pipeline from end to end, and uses the conduit's linearity and unwavering repetition as a fixed point from which to measure movement and stasis. The work seeks to present the pipeline and its surroundings harmoniously as a continuous, giant building; an architectural space that not only reorders the landscape and ideas of our place within it, but also offers an unmistakable juxtaposition between the endgame of industrial revolution--and the environment where this scenario eventually plays itself out.

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Made with support from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts

Places: Design Observer

Loop - 4K or 2K / 60 minutes / color / stereo
Video - 4K or 2K / 61 minutes / color / stereo
Photo - chromogenic color print sequences
Painting - series of optical interference paintings
Sculpture - series of ceramic and ferrofluid sculptures